Parental Control

Parental Control

Software tool for controlling kids' Internet access
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Do you have kids at home? Surely, you don't want them to stumble with Web content that is inappropriate for them, or to neglect other important activities by spending too much time online. For this reason, you will need a program for controlling their access to the Web contents, as well as the time they spend on the Net. Parental Control is such a program. It lets you restrict the content that you don't want your children to watch or download. Also, you can set which programs you don't want them to use, preventing them from sending your business or personal information to hackers or online predators. Another interesting feature is the possibility for setting up the time you don't want your children to have access to the Internet, thus controlling the time they spend online. For a further monitoring of the Web activity of your children, you can view reports with data and screenshots of the sites they have visited.
You can try this software during a period of 15 days. After that time, you'll need to purchase a license if you intend to continue using the program.

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  • Setup file does not have an extension. You must go to Proprieties and add the .exe extension for being able to install the program
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